Tips for Helping Your Cat Live a Long, Happy Life


Tips for Helping Your Cat Live a Long, Happy Life

We love our pets, but it’s no secret that their lifespans aren’t as long as ours. Although our veterinarians can’t help you make your cat live forever, we can provide you with some tips and advice to keep your beloved kitty healthy and happy so that they can enjoy a full life with you.

7 Lucky Tips to Help Your Cat Live a Long, Happy Life

1. Safe Environment

Going outside is dangerous. Dangers like cars, wildlife, and diseases result in much shorter lifespans for outdoor cats. Keep your cats inside, and try harness and leash training to safely explore the outdoors together.

2. Spaying or Neutering

Spaying or neutering your cat protects them from several contagious diseases and several types of cancer. In addition to unwanted litters, it also prevents dangerous behaviors like wandering and territorial aggression.

3. Quality Nutrition

Talk with our veterinarian about a recommendation for high-quality cat food and nutritional supplements that will meet all of your cat’s unique needs based on age, size, activity level, and other health concerns.

4. Age-Appropriate Care

The nutrition, lifestyle, and veterinary care that’s most appropriate for our pets changes as they age. What’s best for a kitten won’t necessarily be right for an adult cat, and what’s best for an adult cat won’t necessarily be right for a senior cat.
Ask our veterinarian about diet, lifestyle, environment, and about how your pet’s veterinary care should change as he or she ages.

5. Enrichment and Exercise

Cats need lots of enrichment, activity, and exercise to stay happy and maintain a healthy weight.

6. Dental Care

Periodontal disease that occurs as a result of poor oral health causes systemic health problems that can significantly reduce a cat’s life expectancy.

7. Wellness and Preventative Veterinary Care

The most important thing you can give your cat to help them enjoy a long life is regular wellness and preventative veterinary care that includes vaccinations, physical exams, and more.

Wellness and Preventative Care With Desert Paws Mobile Veterinary Care

At Desert Paws Mobile Veterinary Care, we not only provide mobile, house-call veterinary services but also high-quality, comprehensive care for cats and dogs alike. From kittenhood through your cat’s golden years, our veterinarians are experienced and fully equipped to provide personalized, age-appropriate care designed to keep your pets happy and healthy.
To schedule an appointment or learn more about the convenience of choosing mobile veterinary care for your pets, we welcome you to contact us today.