End of Life Care & Euthanasia

In-Home End of Life Care

Our pets age much more quickly than we do. As they grow older, the purpose of the care we give them eventually shifts from prevention to comfort. When a pet has been diagnosed with an incurable illness, care focuses on maintaining a high quality of life for your pet during his or her final months, weeks or days and for your pet’s last moments.

Pet Euthanasia

Managing your pet’s end of life care and determining the appropriate time for euthanasia involve the most difficult decisions you will make regarding your pet’s care. Euthanasia literally means “good death,” and using it allows your pet to come to the end of his or her life without suffering unnecessary pain. Our professionals with Desert Paws Mobile Veterinary Care will be with you and your pet during every stage and decision of your pet’s aging process.

Evaluating Healthcare Options and Euthanasia

Determining when the appropriate time for euthanasia has arrived is not a decision you have to make on your own. Our veterinarian will help you recognize when it is time to focus on providing your beloved pet with a quality of death, rather than a quality of life. We usually recommend euthanasia when our patient’s quality of life begins to rapidly decline, making it difficult to manage painful symptoms, maintain your pet’s comfort and manage your pet’s stress level.
Signs of rapidly declining health include:
  • Heavy panting and gasping
  • Reluctance to move and/or extreme difficulty moving
  • Loss of appetite
  • Avoiding contact with the human and other animal members of your household
  • Whining or other vocalization due to pain
Not all pets openly express pain, and signs of discomfort often vary with each pet. Be sure to observe your pet’s behavior and discuss any changes you notice or concerns you have with our veterinarian right away.

At-Home Euthanasia Services and End of Life Care

During your pet’s final moments, his or her comfort is essential, and your pet will undoubtedly feel safest and happiest at home. To provide your pet with a compassionate, comfortable and peaceful end, Desert Paws Mobile Veterinary Care provides end of life care and euthanasia in the comfort of our patients’ homes.
Throughout their lives, our pets provide us with love, joy and companionship and facing their final days can be extremely difficult. Limiting the pain and suffering your pet experiences at the end of his or her life is one of the most compassionate decisions you can make for your pet. For guidance regarding your pet’s end of life care and providing your pet comfort during his or her final moments, we welcome you to contact us to discuss your questions and concerns.


If you choose to cremate your beloved furry family member, we highly recommend:

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