Cat Breeds for People with Allergies


Cat Breeds for People with Allergies

Although no breed of cats is technically hypoallergenic, there is anecdotal evidence that suggests certain breeds might be less likely to trigger your allergies. It’s thought that these breeds produce fewer Fel D1 protein, which is a protein to which people are commonly allergic.
When choosing a cat with allergies in mind, remember that you aren’t allergic to the cat’s fur, but rather to proteins contained in a cat’s saliva, dander, and urine. So, it doesn’t matter whether you choose a cat with long hair, short hair, or no hair.

5 Best Cat Breeds for People With Allergies

We don’t recommend that people with severe allergies to cats bring one into their home. If you have mild allergies, however, you just might be able to live comfortably with a kitty of the following breeds.

1. Balinese

This cat breed almost identically resembles Siamese cats except that they have long hair and bushy tails. Balinese cats are low shedders and are thought to produce less Fel D1.

2. Siberian

These cats are thought to produce some of the lowest levels of Fel D1 of all cat breeds. They have very thick, luscious-looking coats that usually don’t get too tangled or matted — especially with weekly brushing that’ll help remove dander and other debris, too.

3. Sphinx

This breed of cat is a hairless wonder. They don’t grow fur and have been one of the most popular choices for people with allergies, although they are not technically hypoallergenic. Sphynx cats do not require grooming but do need regular sponge baths to keep their skin healthy.

4. Russian Blue

This breed has a silvery-blue-colored double coat that traps dander inside, shielding you from allergens. Russian blues also produce less of the Fel D1 protein responsible for many cat allergies in people.

5. Selkirk Rex

This laid-back breed of cats is recognizable for its short snout. They have a wavy coat that limits your exposure to allergens. You’ll both benefit from regular brushing to remove dander and lose fur.

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