Are you one of the many people who hates going to the dentist? What is the probable reason behind this – dental phobia? Whichever way, the fact is that this fear can be purged with what we know as sedation dentistry.

Since the advent of this method, more and more people who had been missing out on critical dental visits are now more comfortable about getting their oral needs fulfilled.

Over the past few years, sedation dentistry has certainly grown in popularity because of the countless benefits it offers to both, the patients and the dentists. Moreover, for people who suffer from some serious dental fear, this is possibly the only alternative to endure dental proceedings and have a better dental health.

According to The American Dental Association, it is important to have skilled dentists to use sedation or general anesthesia for the treatment of patients. These procedures can only be deemed safe when administered properly.

Stated below are some remarkable benefits of sedation dentistry:

Relaxation & Comfort

The two most pressing reasons that prevent people from obtaining dental care are dental phobia and anxiety. Fortunately, sedation dentistry smoothly converts fearful dental visits into a comforting and tranquilizing experience as patients feel relieved from constant worry and fright.

Moreover, post a prolonged treatment, patients tend to feel less tired and exhausted when they sedated than otherwise. Sedation dentistry relaxes the muscles and alleviates jaw tenderness, while letting people be in their comfort zone despite keeping their mouths open for long periods.

Better Control over Movement

It is far more difficult to treat a frightened patient than a relaxed one. That’s what dentists jointly agree upon. Sudden movements made by the patients make it next to impossible for dentists to complete procedures. However, sedation dentistry improves the quality of dental procedure.

Improves Gag Reflux

One of the most beneficial and lesser known benefit of sedation dentistry is that it lessens gag reflux.  The gagging that takes place during dental procedures is mainly induced by anxiety. Hence, patients are able to exercise better control over it when sedated. So, if gag reflux has always been an issue for you, then sedation dentistry will allow you to reduce the feel and urge to be sick. This makes the process extremely comforting for the patient.

Time-Saving – Lesser Appointments

Tolerating longer procedures become easier with sedation as it reduces the general discomfort and exhaustion. As a result, the dentist is better able to operate effectively and in lesser time. Sedation dentistry is highly advised for intricate or numerous treatments such as dental implant surgery and root canal therapy which often requires multiple visits. This is a great advantage for patients with time limitations and bounded schedules.

At Dr. Fotinos’ dental office in Orange County, an anesthesiologist is available by appointment to put patients to sleep or partly asleep to perform their dental treatment. Patients arrive  for their appointment, are sedated and wake up once their treatment is complete. To get treated in such a comforting manner, don’t forget to visit Dr. Fotinos’ office.

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